Amp Repair



S.I.S. offers expert service of tube, solid state and digital amplifiers. We are Electronic Engineers, with expertise in everything from vintage tube amplifiers to the latest digital amps.

Need some modification? We do that too! We are a Mercury Magnetics service and support provider, offering the very best upgrades to your amp with ultra high end Mercury Magnetics transformers and products.

Shop Rate: $80.00 per hour
Time is billed at ¼ hour increments after the initial minimum bench fee.

Minimum Bench Fee: $40.00
Inspection, trouble shoot and estimate repair. If repair is approved this applies towards the final repair cost, it is not an additional charge.

Minor repairs of one hour or less are done without estimates. If the cost of the repair is estimated to be more than one hour plus parts, we get the customer’s approval prior to beginning the work.

Turnaround Time:
Most repairs average approximately 7-10 business days upon receipt of product. Sometimes quicker! Availability of certain manufacturers parts can greatly affect times, we’ll let you know if this may be an issue.

We offer a 90-day warranty on all parts and labor. Warranty covers only the original customer complaint and work done by S.I.S. Unrelated problems to the original customer complaint and original repair will not be covered.

* Please note that most repairs typically require 1 hour and rarely exceed 2 hrs labor. Only actual repair bench time is charged. All jobs are burned in and tested before final play testing, which is not counted as billable time.