Guitar Repair


We offer professional repair, maintenance, warranty service and customization for all makes and models.  So whether it’s a guitar or bass, electric or acoustic, or even a banjo and mandolin, we can help!

Prices may vary depending on specific job. Materials and strings are extra unless otherwise stated. Please note that S.I.S. is a full service repair facility, and many more services are available.  Feel free to contact us for an exact quote!


Full Set Up
Standard Electric or Acoustic $68.00
Electric with Floyd Rose / Floating Trem $75.00
12-String $75.00

Action Adjustments
Acoustic Saddle Height Adjustment $25.00
Adjust Electric Bridge Saddles $20.00
Truss Rod Adjustment $15.00

Standard Electric or Acoustic $15.00
Nylon String Acoustic $20.00
Floating Trem Electric $25.00
(Includes bridge level with same gauge)
12-String $25.00
Polish Frets, Clean and Oil Fretboard $10.00

Standard Electric $25.00
Floyd Rose Style Bridge $30.00

Balance Floating Bridge $25.00

Nut Replacement
Tusq or Bone Nut $60.00
12-String Nut $70.00
Fill and Re-cut Nut Slots $25.00

Replace Acoustic Saddle
(Tusq, Additional Charge to Set Up) $25.00

Fret Dress
(Includes Full Set Up) $145.00
Floating Trem Electric $155.00

Rosewood Fingerboard $300.00
Maple Fingerboard with Refin $375.00
Neck with Binding $375.00
Stainless Steel Frets Upcharge $100.00
Replace Individual Frets $12.00
(per fret, in addition to fret dress charge)

Tuner Installation $30.00
Installation with reaming $45.00
Sperzels $45.00
(Includes restring)

(All prices include parts)
Resolder Broken Wire $20.00
Resolder Multiple Wires $25.00
Resolder Wires Under Pickguard $30.00

Replace Pot $30.00
Each Additional Pot $15.00

Replace Switch (Strat/Tele/3-Way) $45.00
Replace Jack $30.00
Replace Barrel Jack $34.00
Replace Mini Toggle $30.00
Replace Push-Pull Pot / Blend Pot $45.00

Pickup Install
Passive Pickup $45.00
Each Additional Pickup $10.00

EMG / Active Pickups $70.00
Each Additional Pickup $10.00

Fishman Matrix / LR Baggs $75.00
Soundhole Acoustic Pickup $40.00

Route to Add Pickup or Battery $55.00

Hollowbody Electronics
1 or 2 Pickup Install $85.00
Jack Install $40.00
Switch Install $70.00
Pot Install $50.00

Headstock Repairs
Structural Repair Only $100-$150
Repair with Refinish of Break Area $200-$325
Full Set Up with Headstock Repair $40.00

Crack Repairs
Cleat, Fill and Buff Initial Charge $45.00
Per Inch Additional $12.00